Graduation CapAfter Graduation

Congratulations! You have completed your ACDS coursework and have received your 4th semester ACDS certificate! You may be wondering what is next for you.

  • For many the next step is to complete your On-The-Job Training (OJT) hours. The maximum amount of required hours to receive your Department of Labor (DOL) certificate is 4000. However, your supervisor has the option to submit you for completion with as low as 3200 total hours. If you received previous credit experience for your work in child care prior to starting ACDS, those hours go toward your total OJT hours. For example, if you currently have accumulated 2400 OJT hours, and you have been granted 800 previous credit hours then your total hours toward completion are 3200. That means you are eligible to submit for your DOL certificate if your supervisor agrees. Remember, your supervisor has the right to ask you to continue accruing OJT hours up to 4000 hours if he or she feels you may need a little more work experience. The good news is that there is no time limit for completing your OJT hours as long as you continue employment in the early childcare field.
  • Once you have accumulated the required amount of OJT hours then you will submit copies of all OJT logs and all four supervisor evaluations to the ACDS office. Once we have those documents we will confirm your total OJT hours and then submit for your completion with the Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL will then process the request and generate a completion certificate which will be sent to the ACDS office. We will scan a copy for our records and then mail the original to you. This process can vary in the amount of time it takes.
  • Once you have your ACDS and DOL certificate you are officially a journeyperson! We ask that all journeypersons complete a journeyperson registration document and submit to the ACDS office. We will then update your status to a journeyperson in our database. It is important for us to know how many journeypersons we have for many reasons, including grant funding. Also, in the past we have had special educational opportunities for our journeypersons.
  • Your completion of ACDS can play a vital role in continuing your education. If you will be entering into classes toward your associates you will need both your ACDS and DOL certificates and your final transcript. You can receive a copy of your official transcript from the ACDS office. Several community colleges across the state recognize ACDS and will award hours toward an associate degree for completion of the ACDS program.

ACDS recognizes that situations may vary from person to person, so for additional support on your next steps please contact the ACDS office at 304-523-0433 or