Instructor Training:

Form 1
Form 2
Application for ACDS Instructor's Academy
Application for Instructor of Instructor's


Form 3
Form 4
Form 5
Form 7
DOL Apprenticeship Agreement (SAMPLE)*
Director/Supervisor Checklist
Standards of Apprenticeship (SAMPLE)*
DOL Contact Information


Form 3
Form 8
Form 9
Form 10
Form 11
Form 12.1
Form 12.2
Form 12.3
Form 12.4
Form 13
Form 14
Form 14.1
Form 14.2
Form 14.3
Form 14.4
Form 15
Form 16
Form 17
Form 18
Form 19
DOL Apprenticeship Agreement (SAMPLE)*
First Semester Registration  Revised
Second - Fourth Semester Registration
Official Transcript
Guidelines for Conduct and Confidentiality
First Semester Evaluation
Second Semester Evaluation
Third Semester Evaluation
Fourth Semester Evaluation
Time Log (OJT)
Portfolio Development
First Semester Portfolio Record  Revised
Second Semester Portfolio Record  Revised
Third Semester Portfolio Record  Revised
Fourth Semester Portfolio Record  Revised
Reader's Card
Certificate of Achievement (SAMPLE)*
Change in Status
Steps for Positive Resolution
Journeyperson Information Form  Revised


Form 20
Form 21
Form 22
Form 23
Form 24.1
Form 24.2
Form 24.3
Form 24.4
Form 25
Form 26
Form 27
Form 28
Form 29
Form 30
Form 31
Form 32.a
Form 32.b
Form 33
Form 34
Form 35
Job Description
Service Agreement
Syllabus (SAMPLE)*
Invoice  Revised
First Semester Instructor Checklist
Second Semester Instructor Checklist
Third Semester Instructor Checklist
Fourth Semester Instructor Checklist
Instructor Checklist for Apprentice Forms
Portfolio Evaluation
Site Visit Letter
Site Visit Form
Grade Sheet (SAMPLE)*
Extra Credit Suggestions
Instructor Rating Scale
Instructor Observation Form
Instructor Self-Evaluation
Instructor Evaluation
Completion Roster
Instructor Information Form  Revised


Form 6a
Form 36
Form 37
Form 38
Form 39
Form 40
Form 41
Form 42
Form 43
Form 44
Form 45
Form 46
Form 47
Form 48
Application for Certification of Completion (SAMPLE)*
Mentor Application
Mentor Information Form  Revised
Mentor Service Agreement
Mentee Information Form
Mentor Forms Checklist
Mentee Contact Form
Mentee Weekly Schedule
Mentor's List of Forms for Mentee
Mentor/Mentee Visitation Policy and Agreement
Missed Visitation Warning
Notice of Program Termination
Mentor Invoice
Mentor Quality Assurance Questionnaire